B_CATMA is an established toolroom in Nasik. This facility has been established with the sole aim of delivering precise and on-time solutions in the field of product design, tool design and CNC machining.

We realize that in the fast paced and hectic world, there is tremendous pressure facing project managers.

We understand our place in the process from initial concept to the final product, and realize that for projects to run smoothly we must deliver quality solutions with speed and accuracy.

Communication is essential in every large project, and B_CATMA pledges to work with clients every step of the way.

The proprietor of B_CATMA, Mr. Shashank Bhandari is a post-graduate tool engineer and has been working in the area of tools, molds, dies and CAD-CAM for the past 8 years.

B_CATMA’s infrastructure along with the vision of providing customers with correct and timely solution makes B_CATMA a very dependable business associate.

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